Labor law

BUNCH offers a cross-disciplinary approach to labor law and criminal business law issues.

BUNCH works closely with its clients to structure and develop their strategy. With our combined experience and our detailed understanding of the business world, we can help you to better manage employee relations and dialogue with the unions and the representative within your company. We provide practical advice to help you protect your company and limit risks in labor law.

Concerning criminal risk, this is a reality to be taken very seriously by companies and their directors. We can help you to deploy the right defense strategy in the event of litigation, in both matters, providing you with increased support and assistance. Our experience, pragmatic approach and reactivity are our greatest strengths.


  • Employer counseling and defense: Employers often seek our counsel when faced with an employee asserting claims under french laws. If litigation does arise, we help employers defend against the claims.
  • We also help employers enforce non-compete, non-solicitation, and other employment agreements.
  • We regularly help clients design, document, review, and operate all types of plans and arrangements, including health and welfare, retirement, supplemental retirement, employment, incentive bonus and severance programs. 

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